process automationS

To Achieve Dreams,
Automate Routines 

Digital Office helps companies bridge the gap between creative aspiration and the heavy workload of daily obligations.

How it works:

  • You define and design your specific and unique processes, and we will create a digital workflow that runs automatically and secure perfect execution


  • You simply select, customize, and perfect a process from our automation catalog.

The more we repeat something the better we become at doing that thing. Until we get bored and move to something that is new, imperfect, and challenging.  

But we don’t have to starve the present to feed the future, we can utilize the power of established efficiencies by simply automating them and build even more power to challenge the future.  

You Define and Design


If something is repetitive and works in a well-defined order or is not working in order but you would like to fix it with digital workflows, we can help you in 3 steps.

Step 1 – It all starts with defining the process flow. You will fill in a form that will explain, Who does What, When, and How. What is the normal line of events and which conditions should be met? What are the exceptions and incidents and where do they escalate?

Step 2 – We design the digital workflow and assign tools for employee engagement and task completion.

Step 3 – Success Manager works with you to assure adoption and satisfaction. What is good we enhance what is not so good we improve until it works perfectly.

Choose from Catalogue


As you may notice, the Digital Office platform comes with many BUILT-IN features, providing you with great benefits. But we are not stopping here, we are listening to all our customer needs and we are providing a catalog of solutions that you can choose from depending on which process you want to automate.

You just CHOOSE one or more solutions and we are activating it in your Digital Office profile organization with the needed adjustments to best fit your company process need.