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Digital Archive & eDelovodnik

Automatically Organized Office 


Company documents are usually organized in a “freestyle way” only the office assistant can find it.

This job has evolved, is not meant to be so boring, time-consuming, and repetitive.

Documents should not be lost anymore and they are becoming more digitally, where new rules apply!


Digital Office comes with a Digital Archive process where documents are automatically managed and distributed in a paperless way.

Following a simple 1-2-3 steps, both incoming and outgoing documents get record numbers, timestamps, following all legal regulations.


It makes any Office Archivist a HERO, documents gets securely stored and found in a few seconds, even from your mobile phone while at a meeting!

Your company saves time, everything is a legally valid and long-term complaint.

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Digital Invoicing

Valid, without licking envelopes 


Sending invoices over paper envelopes is a costly activity, done every month, taking days for:

Printing; Enveloping; Post Office and envelopes may never be delivered. 

We offer a new, digitally valid way, to get this process done in 5 minutes with free delivery!


All you have to do is simple, just: 

upload ALL the invoice PDFs at once;
– system does the address matching;
sign digitally with a single click;
– the job gets done! 

Each invoice will be automatically sent via e-mail with zero cost and you will get a notification when e-mails are received.


The whole process is done in 5 minutes, you save time and money.

Your clients get the invoice immediately, in a simple and clean way, without licking envelopes anymore. 

Your clients will prefer it!

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Digital Approvals

Nobody can skip your opinion 


Many companies challenge the SLOW or NO internal procedures for offers or contract approval.

Some employees SKIP agreed procedures and OWNERS feel like losing control or getting involved when is too late to respond.

This process is a true relief!


We offer a simple way for approvals on the go, wherever you are.

You just choose:
people that need to approve;
– the document travels from person to person in the system,
– gets approved, rejected, or commented.

And the best part is that you can do it on your mobile phone!


You gain CONTROL without losing SPEED.

Every person gets notifications when their ACTION is needed, procedures are 100% executed and safely archived for details.


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Human Resources 

HR documents

Less administration, more humanization


HR administration has one of the most sensitive and repetitive processes.

Preparing templates, approvals, archiving, and signings are actions that consume lots of TIME and human efforts.

We are helping you make it easier, digitally!


It’s true automation of the current process where:

– requests are digitally submitted;
– automatically templates generated;
approved and signed digitally;

and archived in DIGITAL PERSONAL FILE with the least human efforts.


It improves EFFICIENCY and brings flexibility in working from home in a SECURE and legally compliant way.

You will work less and employees will enjoy more.

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Specific routines

“You define and design”

Order your process!

Your organization, your needs 

If you have a specific process that you want to automatize, don’t worry, we are fully flexible and will respond to your needs. Just tell us what you want to achieve and our experts in digital transformation consultant and Business Process Managers will make you run digitally


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