We are

Founded on purpose, established on tradition


“Help companies bridge the gap between creative aspirations and daily obligations”

Digital office was created in 2019, as an independent innovation project inside the well-established information management company INBOX. We observed that Digitization will change every aspect of business and social live, and we envisioned that we can use the power of digital technology to create more opportunities for all.

We set a mission: to help companies bridge the gap between their creative aspirations (Dreams), and the heavy workload of daily obligations (Routines).

Competences – processes – profit formula, was the basic framework on which we have designed our business model. We used partnerships as a key sourcing point for unique competencies and created exceptional capabilities through the integration of all in one value network.
Digital office incorporates 5 functional business elements in 1 cloud platform, designed for intuitive use, with very low-cost subscription access and always-ON philosophy.

“Routines are created through endless repetitions. They emerge as the most efficient practice for getting the job done. Our call AUTOMATE ROUTINES, to achieve dreams starts with full respect to the efficiencies created in the present, automates, and enhance them to become a major asset for creating a stronger present and better future.”

Stojce Taskov

Founder of Inbox

We are Platform and a Partner

A PLATFORM – Digital office is a sophisticated software application build on cloud technology that is available for access and use from any digital device through a web browser. From a functional point of view, it integrates the functions of DMS (document management system), BPA (business process automation system) and qualified DA – digital archive. We created additional integration with Cloud digital signing server so that processes can end with legally valid documents and decisions and we have created Mobile app, to allow for even faster response to assigned business tasks and exceptionally intuitive user experience 5 in 1.

A PARTNER – as with any advanced technology, being very useful does not necessarily translate to being used. Complexity, price and established habits are barrier to adoption. We know and respect that. That is why, we have created service teams and dedicated Success Managers, that are sophisticated process automation and implementation experts and by managing complexity on our side, we have moved the consumption point closer to our users, expressed in simple – request or order.

“Draw a diagram (process flow) of the routine you want to automate on Monday, We will configure and enable it as a fully automated digital workflow on Tuesday. “ Dimitar Janevski MD


“We invent and help you implement”

Things change, what was unimaginable 10 years ago, is emerging as preferred consumer experience today. Changes always emerge as an opportunity to all and then become thread and disaster to the ones that ignore them.

“Changes can make you a hero or a zero!” 

We are innovation experts, we carefully study changes across various industries and sectors, and dominating trends in new technology, user expectations, social perception, and regulation and we use the power of new technology to improve user experience and comply with social expectations and regulations.

We imagine – simplification, access, speed, reach, comfort, satisfaction, and research technologies and tools that best fit the purpose. Then acquire, integrate, test and approve its use


We are Pillar of Compliance

Regulation exists to assure the fairness of business practices, consumer data protection, and set norms for what is acceptable and what is not. With all the complexity of business and social lives it’s hard to keep track of it all.

– What is a valid digital document format?
– How do I archive electronic documents?
– Is digitally signed and delivered invoice legally valid?

Well not for Us, because we don’t have any other thing to do. Managing documents and information according to standards and regulation is the core thing we do!

As part of INBOX, we have a mission and long tradition of setting highest standards on legal compliance and information security. From ISO certificates, to all applicable laws, bylaws and needed certifications We ensure that each and every client that uses our platform is in full compliance with the laws.

INBOX with Digital Office has been certified as Qualified Trusted Service Provider for Electronic Storage (Long-Term Archive) under the Law on Electronic Documents, Electronic Identification and Confidential Services, as well as EU regulation No. 910/2014 (eIDAS) and registered in the National Register of Confidential Service Providers: https://trusteid.mioa.gov.mk/registar_listi/

“I haven’t seen long term success that goes against legal or social norms. So we made it simple, for us and all our clients.

Zero compliance risk is our maximum risk tolerance.”

Stojce Taskov

Founder of Inbox


Diversed by knowledge, united in purpose

Stojce Taskov

Stojce Taskov


Stojce is the founder and CEO of INBOX, a company that stands behind Digital Office. He sets the vision and directions to go.

Experienced CEO and serial entrepreneur, highly passionate about innovations and truly dedicated to the concept of leading with purpose. My personal leadership story is: Tomorrow starts with the legacy we create Today.

My professional challenge is to identify and engage with new value-creating ideas and business models, share my passion for business excellence, empower value creation with purpose and responsibility and transform these great ideas of today into highly valued Brands of tomorrow”

Dimitar Janevski

Dimitar Janevski

Managing Director

Dimitar is the overall responsible for Digital Office in both strategic and daily execution, from Business Modelling, Product Development to Clients relations.

“An experienced Business Product Guy with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. I have been working in the Telco industry for +7 years, dealing with Products & Services and +2 years in the IT sector. “


Aleksandar Zorbovski

Security & Quality Professional

Aleksandar is responsible for the security and quality of our service, process implementation to data, and eliminating potential risks.

Through my professional experience, I use my multidisciplinary business, production and operation basics to inspire and create safe and standardised / ongoing processes for obtaining and retaining business.

Facing problems where the usual solutions do not work, overcoming a challenge, figuring out something new, those are the things that give me a sense of achievement. Especially when it is shared with the right people! It feels very fulfilling!


Platform Development

Mikrocop has been over +40years in the business of developing solutions for archiving, documents, and process management. As our main partner, they are actively taking the role of developing the platform to meet client needs.


Mobile App & Integrations

Sorsix has been the main R&D hub for our mobile-first experience. Strongly focusing on mobile app development and bringing new experiences to our clients.


Data & Infrastructure

Partnering with Telekom has brought a unique position for bringing a premium yet affordable SaaS to our clients, compiling with all the local and EU regulations and certifications.


Digital Signing

TIS along with Namirial has been the leading provider in Trusted Digital Signing solutions with +1.000.000 customers around the world, allowing us to offer the latest solution to our clients.