compliance & Security

Business meet Standards 

Doing business in the digital world is challenging and requires bold actions and business partners that you may never see them in person. The situation with digital documents is even more challenging due to data sensitivity and technology changes.

Therefore, regulatory bodies have written millions of paragraphs in articles, frameworks, and regulations to put the RULES.

Digital Office has incorporated all of the EU and local regulations (such as eIDAS, MoReq2, GDPR) inside the platform, ensuring that every process, action, or saved document can be legally valid, keeping the authentication and long-term validity on the highest level.

“How we should do business digitally and legally valid” is about preserving the integrity and authenticity of the documents and data.”

“It’s about eliminating the manual processes and human errors with Build-in Compliance by Design approach.”



Compliance by Design

We are constantly taking an active role in complying with all the new regulations, both EU and Locally issued regarding Electronic Storage providers. Following the principle “Compliance by Design” we are applying a systematic approach to fulfill regulatory requirements into manual and automated tasks and processes.

– Source code and system security check according to the OWASP good practice.

– Every document’s digital signature is verified

– All stored documents are signed and time-stamped by Digital Office (XMLERS standard and RFC 3161) ensuring integrity.

Certified Electronic Archiving system, EU certified (Slovenia)

GDPR compliant, as it has modes to hide sensitive data, set permissions, and tracks audit logs to any user actions

– Ensure accessibility in the long term

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