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Privacy Policy

We ask users to carefully read this Privacy Policy in order to understand how the data and information collected from them by Inbox is used.

By accessing or applying certain predefined application forms from this site, the user acknowledges that he has read, understood and agrees to all the terms of the Privacy Policy and the ways of applying.
If the user does not agree with these terms, please do not access and do not apply to the predefined forms on this page.


When the user applies for some of the predefined forms of access, career, education, etc., he/she will be asked for certain data. If the user does not provide any information that is mandatory for a particular activity, he will not be able to apply.

Personal information may be requested by visiting the Inbox website in the following cases:

– When asking a question or expressing an opinion regarding the content of the site, as well as the services and products offered on it.
– When applying for a job position (open advertisement/database of applicants for employment)
– Request a quote
– Request access for “Virtual Tour”

By accepting the terms of use and the privacy policy, it is considered that the user freely and explicitly agrees with the processing of his personal data.


Inbox dooel will process and store your personal data collected through the predefined applications on the website in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection and other applicable regulations in the Republic of Macedonia. Your personal information will not be disclosed to unauthorized third parties. They will be kept for as long as necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they were collected. The data and information identifying the user can only be disclosed to the competent state authorities, based on their request or decision based on law.


The entire documentation for personal data protection is in accordance with the Rulebook on technical and organizational measures for ensuring confidentiality and protection of personal data processing of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection.