Ensure Document Integrity

Write, Delete, Modify are all possible actions when working with electronic documents. Once those documents are created, they need a valid proof of quarantine that “document content has not been changed or modified”.     

Digital Signing is a valid electronic way of ensuring signatory identity and authenticate the document content originality.

It is legally accepted and recognized method all over the world and Digital Office supports it by ensured both Digital Signing with Certificates and Verification of already signed documents.

“Just for comparison, the digital signature can be easily understood as an electronic alternative to the physical handwritten on the paper document.”

“We integrated the e-signing Cloud platform that allows users to digitally sign documents on the web, without downloading the document locally.”

Single click actions

Digital Office as platform has integrated Cloud e-signing and offers:

ONE-SIDED signing – when having a document to sign, you just the document from Digital Office and choose the certificate you want to apply;

MASS-BATCH signing – when having hundreds of documents (e.g invoices, forms) and needs to be signed all at once with a single click;

WORKFLOW signing – the document travels through the process and at a certain point it needs to be signed by one or multiple users (e.g. 1st signatory, 2nd signatory, 3rd signatory) and afterward continue in the process;

REMOTE signing – when the signatory is outside of the Digital Office platform and he received a LINK over the e-mail, click on link, choose his certificate and after documents is signed, it gets back in the Digital Office.

You can all do this by a simple process – try Digital Office

digital signing


Namirial SIGNificant & eSIG  

So far Digital Office has been integrated with NAMIRIAL and TIS eSIG platform and our platform is open to any other trusted provider.


Our approach is providing Digital Office as a CORE platform where you can integrate any of your preferred signing providers and use signing the way you want.


Signing integrations