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digital archive

Digital archiving is not about the storage place, it is about the integrity of the information stored, it requires valid and sustainable document formats and secured access with audit trails of use.

Digital Office is a world-wide valid DIGITAL ARCHIVE platform that complies with the following 5 principles:

  • Accessibility   
  • Usability
  • Integrity
  • Authenticity
  • Durability

Digital Office has build-in the eIDAS and MoReq2 requirements and is compatible with the GDPR by default. 

“Valid Digital Archiving is a collaborative process that can only be performed in relation with trusted service providers.

When and What is not valid by what you claim to be, it only becomes validated through the trusted service providers who confirm the same thing at the same time.

The job of the Digital Archive is to preserve the documents and its embedded elements of validity”

Built-in Automation


Document integrity and durability are preserved by the file format where the most used format is PDF/A-3.

Digital Office has a built-in automatic long-term conversion engine that transforms any document format into sustainable and valid PDF/A-3 formats before it performs import into the long-term archive. PDF/ A2 and A3 formats are formats that allow for objects to be embedded into the document and/or create a relation to the object that can be independently verified. Digital signature and time stamps are objects that can be embedded and/or related to.

You can save and validate any digital document format besides documents such as technical drawings, Video files, Images, etc.



Digital office is an open API platform designed with an imperative for collaboration.

You can define rules and processes for” Who” “what” and “when” and it will be running archiving workflow by simple system integrations. It can also take over documents from designated emails or automatically get them from your scanner.

Or you can use your DO mobile app to take a photo of the document, and it will be routed and formatted into a digital office waiting on you to confirm whether you want to simply “save it” to a folder or run the workflow for “digital archive”.

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Storing documents only has meaning and value if you are able to find them when you need them.

Indexing is the process in which unique metadata points are extracted from the document and embedded and/or related to it. These are your “Key” search words.

Digital office is integrated with its parent company INBOX data processing servers and can extract the metadata from the document automatically or you can create data capturing form and do it manually.

However, you decide to do it, we make sure it is legally related and validated.



Digital office is connected to trusted service providers of time stamps and whenever you or a legacy system executes the workflow for digital archiving, it creates relations to the trusted service provider of time stamps and “time stamps” the documents archived.

Nobody can dispute the existence of the particular document from that point forward. It has a verified time stamp.

Retention code is either assigned through workflow or you select it manually and you are all set.

Integrated Digital Signing

It is hard to imagine valid documents without a valid signature. The same goes true for digital documents, they need a digital signature to be valid documents. A digital signature is an object embedded and/or related to a particular document, and your digital archive needs to have the ability to see it, relate it and preserve the validity when storing the document.

Incoming documents will have their digital signature, so the process is simple, verify, and archive.

An outgoing document like Invoices and proposals will need to be signed first and then send. Digital office has Cloud signing server integration and you can sign 1 or 1 Million documents with a simple click. It will embed the signature, send it to the recipient, and will save a copy to the digital archive with an outgoing time stamp.

digital signing

Advanced Search


Once the system confirms you are authorized to view documents, finding documents in Digital office is fast and easy.

Simply go to the SEARCH BAR and type a key word, and elastic search engines are doing the job for you. We have added smart filters by time and document format and you can also select metadata or data range filters.


Search from YOUR CORE system

Digital office is an open API platform and it gives you the possibility to connected and stores documents for other systems inside. Most of the companies don’t store data in their ERP or CRM platforms, they store them in Archive and only receive back the LINK to the document.

We will provide you the REST API methods and your technical person will easily know how to GET documents and show them inside your CORE system.